Hundreds of companies worldwide have chosen us as their trusted payment agent. Our reliable, integrated system allows larger businesses to easily and quickly set up payments to its partners and affiliates, and their payroll programs. Our payment system has rich functionality and high-quality technical support - that help you significantly reduce your operational costs that come from working with commercial banks.

Checks Cashout

issued by Google AdSense, Amazon and Others

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The service allows you to get cash into your account in our system by sending us a check. You can get cash in any ATM or on your StarPay Global Ltd debit card. Money orders and checks are sometimes the only way to pay for any service for the majority of US companies. So if you cooperate with the American company, there is a way to pay for services in cash and checks.

StarPay Global Ltd helps users to receive paper checks from foreign affiliate programs, or get other money transfers made in the form of a paper check. StarPay Global Ltd also help you in receiving and cashing money orders. These funds from the StarPay Global Ltd system may be withdrawn at any bank through StarPay Global Ltd card.

ACH & DirectDeposit & Interac® & Wire Transfers

achachwire transfer

StarPay Global Ltd facilitates cashing of bank transfers. This option will help those who need to get a bank transfer, and who does not have a personal bank account. StarPay Global Ltd get a transfer to your bank account, and then you will be able to request withdrawal of your funds in any convenient manner, such as a plastic debit card, WebMoney, Western Union and other types of e -currencies money and payment systems.



The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) stands for a European Union (EU) payments integration initiative. With the introduction of the euro currency in 1999, the political drivers of the SEPA initiative - EU governments, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) - have focused on the integration of the euro payments market. Since then, the political drivers have called upon the payments industry to bolster the common currency, by developing a set of harmonised payment schemes and frameworks for electronic euro payments.

All transactions within the entire SEPA (all EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland) will then only be carried out through a single SEPA bank account. This reduces costs and minimises administration expenses. Online retailers will also face fewer charges as cross-border transactions will be classed as national payments in future.



You can create a deposit using a Bitcoin crypto-currency and instantly deposit funds to your account.


e currency

Deposit funds via e-currency transfer from the accounts in electronic payment systems, such as WebMoney, PayPal, eCash, Payoneer, cashU. All e-currency deposit transactions are instant.

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