StarPay Global Ltd Cards

With StarPay Global Ltd cards you can easily provide payments for goods and services, tickets, hotels, car rentals and travel booking, other payments, ATM cash withdrawals, payments over the Internet. We have payment solutions that suits you whenever you want. StarPay Global Ltd online services available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Prepaid Cards

Just order a StarPay Global Ltd prepaid card and pay for everything you need — online shopping, bill payments or everyday purchases. StarPay Global Ltd prepaid cards provide a more convenient and safer way to pay than cash. Easy to use and reloadable, StarPay Global Ltd prepaid cards go everywhere you do. No credit check or bank account needed.

Virtual Cards

Virtual card for internet only payments.
Payment card information is delivered to your email address. You can start making online purchases immediately.

Shop without sharing your financial details. All your information is protected by encryption.

Online Management

You'll recieve best account management at StarPay Global Ltd.
Securely access statements, make payments, and sign up for helpful activity reminders.
Access free personal financial tools that can help you get ahead.

Payout Solution

Now professionals are continuously looking for innovative and global solutions to receive funds, as well as local options to spend and withdraw. With StarPay Global Ltd, you can receive payments from any location worldwide using the payment solution that best suits your needs.

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