Worldwide Money Transfer

Money transfer services meet an important need in today's global economy. StarPay Global Ltd international and domestic money transfer services are an affordable, convenient option to traditional banks and credit cards, allowing you to reliably send and receive money around the world. When you want to send a gift of money quickly, StarPay Global Ltd makes it easy to send and receive money. Our large network of locations help you get your money where you need it, when you need it.


Send money worldwide.
Conveniently and quickly send money online or through a branch.
Secure delivery of money with our agents.

Money Transfer Made Easy

Sending money transfers through StarPay Global Ltd and our global network is fast, safe and secure. We guarantee that your family, friends and business partners will receive their funds in a timely manner with excellent customer service at all of our agent locations.

Accept All Types Of Payments

StarPay Global Ltd allows you to accept wire transfers and all e-currencies quickly and affordably. Just install payment links or buttons on your website and start accepting automatic payments. Accept:

  • Bank Transfers
  • Corporate and Bank Cheques
  • Various Electronic Currencies
  • Money Transfer Systems
  • Phone Payments

Most of the payment options are also available for funding your StarPay Global Ltd wallet.

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