Game Developers

In an industry where new providers come and go, we continue to prove the rock-solid integrity of our services. Join our happy clients and our network of over 800 partners who have discovered the advantages of doing business with StarPay Global Ltd

Game Developers

StarPay Global Ltd payment system can be integrated into the game’s webpage and allows gamers to pay by just a few clicks.

Gamers won’t deal with the complex registration procedure any more so that nothing so you don't take your eyes of your exciting game.

Lots of payment instruments are available for both gamers and developers, such as credit cards, bank transfers, recurring and mobile payments. You can also pay with cash or e-currency.

Gamers now can earn funds through selling items, pay for their subscription, etc.


Featuring an comfortable user-friendly multilingual web interface

Reliable & Secure
StarPay Global Ltd account funds can be securely protected with duplex protection including password on website and an option for additional authorization by entering a one-time password, sent via SMS to the customer's mobile phone

Any Type of Product or Service
Sell digital products or services, as well as material goods

All Payment Options
Accept wire transfers, cheques, money transfer systems, phone payment systems and various e-currencies including Bitcoin

Multicurrency Wallets
Each wallet can hold funds in several currencies and you can recieve and you can get a bank card for the desired currency

Flexible Withdrawals
Withdraw the money you have earned directly to a bank account, via StarPay Global Ltd card, money transfer systems, or various supported e-currencies

Multiple Businesses
Your account can have several wallets, each for a separate business, making the accounting simple and clear

No Boundaries
The StarPay Global Ltd service is available worldwide with practically no limit on transactions or amounts

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